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Using Cameras

Okay, okay. I've put up a website. It was easier than I thought it would be and I have to admit that Wix's tools are pretty damned good.

So, what was I going to go on about? Originally, this was mainly going to be a portfolio site to host pictures of the models that I work with and look for more interesting folks to work with as well as to find some interesting locations.

COVID hit and I pretty much stopped doing planned photography for the last year and a half. In that time, I realized that I have acquired (and kept) too many cameras. Mainly bought because they were objects of desire when I was an even more rabid photographer and had much less money. Opportunities appeared to buy some gear at prices that made too much sense to my addled brain. I took advantage of them.

Over the next while, I hope to put up some videos with some of rarer or more esoteric cameras that I own and talk about using them.

Lots of folks say that the camera doesn't matter. To a point that is true. In his later days, my favourite photographer, Helmut Newton used a Canon Rebel camera (two of them - one for colour, one for Black and White). At the same time, particular lenses or cameras provide singular images. Knowing this ahead of time lets you plan what you are going to get. \

Yes, I often bring many cameras to a photo session. Sometimes to my detriment because then I suffer from the tyranny of choice. It's a blade that cuts both ways.


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